SEC. 2213




Section Summary


ESSA Update

``SEC. 2213. <<NOTE: 20 USC 6633.>> REPORTS.

    ``(a) Activities Summary.--Each eligible entity receiving a grant
under this subpart shall provide to the Secretary a summary of the
activities assisted under the grant.
    ``(b) Report.--The Secretary shall provide to Congress an annual
report on the implementation of the program carried out under this
subpart, including--
            ``(1) information on eligible entities that received grant
        funds under this subpart, including--
                    ``(A) information provided by eligible entities to
                the Secretary in the applications submitted under
                section 2212(c);
                    ``(B) the summaries received under subsection (a); 
                    ``(C) grant award amounts; and
            ``(2) student academic achievement and, as applicable, 
        growth data from the schools participating in the programs
        supported under the grant.

    ``(c) Evaluation and Technical Assistance.--
            ``(1) Reservation of funds.--Of the total amount reserved
        for this subpart for a fiscal year, the Secretary may reserve
        for such fiscal year not more than 1 percent for the cost of the
        evaluation under paragraph (2) and for technical assistance in
        carrying out this subpart.
            ``(2) Evaluation.--From amounts reserved under paragraph
        (1), the Secretary, acting through the Director of the Institute
        of Education Sciences, shall carry out an independent evaluation
        to measure the effectiveness of the program assisted under this
            ``(3) Contents.--The evaluation under paragraph (2) shall
                    ``(A) the effectiveness of the program in improving
                student academic achievement;
                    ``(B) the satisfaction of the participating
                teachers, principals, or other school leaders; and
                    ``(C) the extent to which the program assisted the
                eligible entities in recruiting and retaining high-
                quality teachers, principals, or other school leaders, 
                especially in high-need subject areas.


``SEC. 2133. APPLICATIONS. <<NOTE: 20 USC 6633.>>

``To be eligible to receive a subgrant under this subpart, an

eligible partnership shall submit an application to the State agency for

higher education at such time, in such manner, and containing such

information as the agency may require.