SEC. 2242




Section Summary


ESSA Update

``Subpart 4--Programs of National Significance


    ``(a) In General.--From the funds reserved by the Secretary under
section 2241(1) for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall award grants, on
a competitive basis, to eligible entities for the purposes of--
            ``(1) providing teachers, principals, or other school
        leaders from nontraditional preparation and certification routes
        or pathways to serve in traditionally underserved local
        educational agencies;
            ``(2) providing evidence-based professional development
        activities that address literacy, numeracy, remedial, or other
        needs of local educational agencies and the students the
        agencies serve;
            ``(3) providing teachers, principals, or other school
        leaders with professional development activities that enhance or
        enable the provision of postsecondary coursework through dual or
        concurrent enrollment programs and early college high school
        settings across a local educational agency;
            ``(4) making freely available services and learning
        opportunities to local educational agencies, through
        partnerships and cooperative agreements or by making the
        services or opportunities publicly accessible through electronic
        means; or
            ``(5) providing teachers, principals, or other school
        leaders with evidence-based professional enhancement activities, 
        which may include activities that lead to an advanced

    ``(b) Program Periods and Diversity of Projects.--
            ``(1) In general.--A grant awarded by the Secretary to an
        eligible entity under this section shall be for a period of not
        more than 3 years.
            ``(2) Renewal.--The Secretary may renew a grant awarded
        under this section for 1 additional 2-year period.
            ``(3) Diversity of projects.--In awarding grants under this
        section, the Secretary shall ensure that, to the extent
        practicable, grants are distributed among eligible entities that
        will serve geographically diverse areas, including urban, 
        suburban, and rural areas.

[[Page 129 STAT. 1949]]

            ``(4) Limitation.--The Secretary shall not award more than 1
        grant under this section to an eligible entity during a grant

    ``(c) Cost-sharing.--
            ``(1) In general.--An eligible entity that receives a grant
        under this section shall provide, from non-Federal sources, not
        less than 25 percent of the funds for the total cost for each
        year of activities carried out under this section.
            ``(2) Acceptable contributions.--An eligible entity that
        receives a grant under this section may meet the requirement of
        paragraph (1) by providing contributions in cash or in kind, 
        fairly evaluated, including plant, equipment, and services.
            ``(3) Waivers.--The Secretary may waive or modify the
        requirement of paragraph (1) in cases of demonstrated financial

    ``(d) Applications.--In order to receive a grant under this section, 
an eligible entity shall submit an application to the Secretary at such
time and in such manner as the Secretary may reasonably require. Such
application shall include, at a minimum, a certification that the
services provided by an eligible entity under the grant to a local
educational agency or to a school served by the local educational agency
will not result in direct fees for participating students or parents.
    ``(e) Priority.--In awarding grants under this section, the
Secretary shall give priority to an eligible entity that will implement
evidence-based activities, defined for the purpose of this subsection as
activities meeting the requirements of section 8101(21)(A)(i).
    ``(f) Definition of Eligible Entity.--In this section, the term
`eligible entity' means--
            ``(1) an institution of higher education that provides
        course materials or resources that are evidence-based in
        increasing academic achievement, graduation rates, or rates of
        postsecondary education matriculation;
            ``(2) a national nonprofit entity with a demonstrated record
        of raising student academic achievement, graduation rates, and
        rates of higher education attendance, matriculation, or
        completion, or of effectiveness in providing preparation and
        professional development activities and programs for teachers, 
        principals, or other school leaders;
            ``(3) the Bureau of Indian Education; or
            ``(4) a partnership consisting of--
                    ``(A) 1 or more entities described in paragraph (1) 
                or (2); and
                    ``(B) a for-profit entity.


Previously not included in NCLB.