SEC. 4205




Section Summary




``(a) Authorized Activities.--Each eligible entity that receives an

award under section 4204 may use the award funds to carry out a broad

array of activities that advance student academic achievement and

support student success, including--

``(1) academic enrichment learning programs, mentoring

programs, remedial education activities, and tutoring services,

that are aligned with--

``(A) the challenging State academic standards and

any local academic standards; and

``(B) local curricula that are designed to improve

student academic achievement;

``(2) well-rounded education activities, including such

activities that enable students to be eligible for credit

recovery or attainment;

``(3) literacy education programs, including financial

literacy programs and environmental literacy programs;

``(4) programs that support a healthy and active lifestyle,

including nutritional education and regular, structured physical

activity programs;

``(5) services for individuals with disabilities;

``(6) programs that provide after-school activities for

students who are English learners that emphasize language skills

and academic achievement;

``(7) cultural programs;

``(8) telecommunications and technology education programs;

``(9) expanded library service hours;

``(10) parenting skills programs that promote parental

involvement and family literacy;

``(11) programs that provide assistance to students who have

been truant, suspended, or expelled to allow the students to

improve their academic achievement;

``(12) drug and violence prevention programs and counseling


``(13) programs that build skills in science, technology,

engineering, and mathematics (referred to in this paragraph as

`STEM'), including computer science, and that foster innovation

in learning by supporting nontraditional STEM education teaching

methods; and

``(14) programs that partner with in-demand fields of the

local workforce or build career competencies and career

readiness and ensure that local workforce and career readiness

skills are aligned with the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical

Education Act of 2006 (20 U.S.C. 2301 et seq.) and the Workforce

Innovation and Opportunity Act (29 U.S.C. 3101 et seq.).

``(b) Measures of Effectiveness.--

[[Page 129 STAT. 1993]]

``(1) In general.--For a program or activity developed

pursuant to this part to meet the measures of effectiveness,

monitored by the State educational agency as described in

section 4203(a)(14), such program or activity shall--

``(A) be based upon an assessment of objective data

regarding the need for before and after school (or

summer recess) programs and activities in the schools

and communities;

``(B) be based upon an established set of

performance measures aimed at ensuring the availability

of high-quality academic enrichment opportunities;

``(C) if appropriate, be based upon evidence-based

research that the program or activity will help students

meet the challenging State academic standards and any

local academic standards;

``(D) ensure that measures of student success align

with the regular academic program of the school and the

academic needs of participating students and include

performance indicators and measures described in section

4203(a)(14)(A); and

``(E) collect the data necessary for the measures of

student success described in subparagraph (D).

``(2) Periodic evaluation.--

``(A) In general.--The program or activity shall

undergo a periodic evaluation in conjunction with the

State educational agency's overall evaluation plan as

described in section 4203(a)(14), to assess the

program's progress toward achieving the goal of

providing high-quality opportunities for academic

enrichment and overall student success.

``(B) Use of results.--The results of evaluations

under subparagraph (A) shall be--

``(i) used to refine, improve, and strengthen

the program or activity, and to refine the

performance measures;

``(ii) made available to the public upon

request, with public notice of such availability

provided; and

``(iii) used by the State to determine whether

a subgrant is eligible to be renewed under section



Previously not included in NCLB.