SEC. SEC.4302.




Section Summary



SEC. 4302. <<NOTE: 20 USC 7221a.>> PROGRAM AUTHORIZED.

``(a) In General.--The Secretary may carry out a charter school

program that supports charter schools that serve early childhood,

elementary school, or secondary school students by--

``(1) supporting the startup of new charter schools, the

replication of high-quality charter schools, and the expansion

of high-quality charter schools;

``(2) assisting charter schools in accessing credit to

acquire and renovate facilities for school use; and

``(3) carrying out national activities to support--

``(A) the activities described in paragraph (1);

``(B) the dissemination of best practices of charter

schools for all schools;

``(C) the evaluation of the impact of the charter

school program under this part on schools participating

in such program; and

``(D) stronger charter school authorizing practices.

``(b) Funding Allotment.--From the amount made available under

section 4311 for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall--

``(1) reserve 12.5 percent to support charter school

facilities assistance under section 4304;

``(2) reserve 22.5 percent to carry out national activities

under section 4305; and

``(3) use the remaining amount after the reservations under

paragraphs (1) and (2) to carry out section 4303.

``(c) Prior Grants and Subgrants.--The recipient of a grant or

subgrant under part B of title V (as such part was in effect on the day

before the date of enactment of the Every Student

[[Page 129 STAT. 1995]]

Succeeds Act) shall continue to receive funds in accordance with the

terms and conditions of such grant or subgrant.


Previously not included in NCLB.