Section Summary



SEC. 4502. <<NOTE: 20 USC 7242.>> GRANTS AUTHORIZED.

``(a) Statewide Family Engagement Centers.--From the amount

appropriated under section 4506 and not reserved under subsection (d),

the Secretary is authorized to award grants for each fiscal year to

statewide organizations (or consortia of such organizations), to

establish statewide family engagement centers that--

``(1) carry out parent education, and family engagement in

education, programs; or

[[Page 129 STAT. 2017]]

``(2) provide comprehensive training and technical

assistance to State educational agencies, local educational

agencies, schools identified by State educational agencies and

local educational agencies, organizations that support family-

school partnerships, and other organizations that carry out such


``(b) Minimum Award.--In awarding grants under this section, the

Secretary shall, to the extent practicable, ensure that a grant is

awarded for a statewide family engagement center in an amount not less

than $500,000.

``(c) Matching Funds for Grant Renewal.--Each organization or

consortium receiving assistance under this part shall demonstrate that,

for each fiscal year after the first fiscal year for which the

organization or consortium is receiving such assistance, a portion of

the services provided by the organization or consortium is supported

through non-Federal contributions, which may be in cash or in-kind.

``(d) Technical Assistance.--The Secretary shall reserve not more

than 2 percent of the funds appropriated under section 4506 to carry out

this part to provide technical assistance, by competitive grant or

contract, for the establishment, development, and coordination of

statewide family engagement centers.


Previously not included in NCLB.