Section Summary





``(a) Program Authorized.--

``(1) In general.--From the funds reserved under section

4601(b)(1), the Secretary--

``(A) shall use a portion of such funds for the

Project School Emergency Response to Violence program

(in this section referred to as `Project SERV'), in

order to provide education-related services to eligible

entities; and

``(B) may use a portion of such funds to carry out

other activities to improve students' safety and well-

being, during and after the school day, under this

section directly or through grants, contracts, or

cooperative agreements with public or private entities

or individuals, or other Federal agencies, such as

providing technical assistance to States and local

educational agencies carrying out activities under this

section or conducting a national evaluation.

``(2) Availability.--Amounts reserved under section

4601(b)(1) for Project SERV are authorized to remain available

until expended for Project SERV.

``(b) Project SERV.--

``(1) Additional use of funds.--Funds made available under

subsection (a) for extended services grants under Project SERV

may be used by an eligible entity to initiate or strengthen

violence prevention activities as part of the activities

designed to restore the learning environment that was disrupted

by the violent or traumatic crisis in response to which the

grant was awarded.

``(2) Application process.--

``(A) In general.--An eligible entity desiring to

use a portion of extended services grant funds under

Project SERV to initiate or strengthen a violence

prevention activity shall--

``(i) submit, in an application that meets all

requirements of the Secretary for Project SERV,

the information described in subparagraph (B); or

``(ii) in the case of an eligible entity that

has already received an extended services grant

under Project SERV, submit an addition to the

original application that includes the information

described in subparagraph (B).

``(B) Application requirements.--An application, or

addition to an application, for an extended services

grant pursuant to subparagraph (A) shall include the


``(i) A demonstration of the need for funds

due to a continued disruption or a substantial

risk of disruption to the learning environment.

[[Page 129 STAT. 2033]]

``(ii) An explanation of the proposed

activities that are designed to restore and

preserve the learning environment.

``(iii) A budget and budget narrative for the

proposed activities.

``(3) Award basis.--Any award of funds under Project SERV

for violence prevention activities under this section shall be

subject to the discretion of the Secretary and the availability

of funds.

``(4) Prohibited use.--No funds provided to an eligible

entity for violence prevention activities may be used for

construction, renovation, or repair of a facility or for the

permanent infrastructure of the eligible entity.

``(c) Definition of Eligible Entity.--In this section, the term

`eligible entity' means--

``(1) a local educational agency, as defined in subparagraph

(A), (B), or (C) of section 8101(30), or institution of higher

education in which the learning environment has been disrupted

due to a violent or traumatic crisis; or

``(2) the Bureau of Indian Education in a case where the

learning environment of a school operated or funded by the

Bureau, including a school meeting the definition of a local

educational agency under section 8101(30)(C), has been disrupted

due to a violent or traumatic crisis.


 Previously not included in NCLB.