SEC. 2231




Section Summary


ESSA Update

``SEC. 2231. <<NOTE: 20 USC 6661.>> PROGRAM AUTHORIZED.

    ``(a) In General.--From the amount reserved by the Secretary under
section 2201(3), the Secretary is authorized to carry out an American
history and civics education program to improve--
            ``(1) the quality of American history, civics, and
        government education by educating students about the history and
        principles of the Constitution of the United States, including
        the Bill of Rights; and
            ``(2) the quality of the teaching of American history, 
        civics, and government in elementary schools and secondary
        schools, including the teaching of traditional American history.

    ``(b) Funding Allotment.--Of the amount available under subsection
(a) for a fiscal year, the Secretary--
            ``(1) shall reserve not less than 26 percent for activities
        under section 2232; and
            ``(2) may reserve not more than 74 percent for activities
        under section 2233.