SEC. 4103.




Section Summary


ESSA Update

 ``(a) Reservations.--From the total amount appropriated under
section 4112 for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall reserve--
            ``(1) one-half of 1 percent for allotments for payments to
        the outlying areas, to be distributed among those outlying areas
        on the basis of their relative need, as determined by the
        Secretary, in accordance with the purpose of this subpart;
            ``(2) one-half of 1 percent for the Secretary of the
        Interior for programs under this subpart in schools operated or
        funded by the Bureau of Indian Education; and
            ``(3) 2 percent for technical assistance and capacity

    ``(b) State Allotments.--
            ``(1) Allotment.--
                    ``(A) In general.--Subject to subparagraphs (B) and
                (C), from the amount appropriated to carry out this
                subpart that remains after the Secretary makes the
                reservations under subsection (a), the Secretary shall
                allot to each State having a plan approved under
                subsection (c), an amount that bears the same
                relationship to the remainder as the amount the State
                received under subpart 2 of part A of title I for the
                preceding fiscal year bears to the amount all States
                received under that subpart for the preceding fiscal
                    ``(B) Small state minimum.--No State receiving an
                allotment under this paragraph shall receive less than
                one-half of 1 percent of the total amount allotted under
                this paragraph.
                    ``(C) Puerto rico.--The amount allotted under this
                paragraph to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico for a
                fiscal year may not exceed one-half of 1 percent of the
                total amount allotted under this paragraph.
            ``(2) Reallotment.--If a State does not receive an allotment
        under this subpart for a fiscal year, the Secretary shall
        reallot the amount of the State's allotment to the remaining
        States in accordance with this subsection.

    ``(c) State Plan.--

[[Page 129 STAT. 1971]]

            ``(1) In general.--In order to receive an allotment under
        this section for any fiscal year, a State shall submit a plan to
        the Secretary, at such time and in such manner as the Secretary
        may reasonably require.
            ``(2) Contents.--Each plan submitted by a State under this
        section shall include the following:
                    ``(A) A description of how the State educational
                agency will use funds received under this subpart for
                State-level activities.
                    ``(B) A description of how the State educational
                agency will ensure that awards made to local educational
                agencies under this subpart are in amounts that are
                consistent with section 4105(a)(2).
                    ``(C) Assurances that the State educational agency
                          ``(i) review existing resources and programs
                      across the State and will coordinate any new plans
                      and resources under this subpart with such
                      existing resources and programs;
                          ``(ii) monitor the implementation of
                      activities under this subpart and provide
                      technical assistance to local educational agencies
                      in carrying out such activities; and
                          ``(iii) provide for equitable access for all
                      students to the activities supported under this
                      subpart, including aligning those activities with
                      the requirements of other Federal laws.



Previously not included in NCLB.